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The AKG GN155 Choir is a thin-profile gooseneck microphone module / floor stand that is height-adjustable from 6 to 9 feet. The entire unit rests on a heavy-duty 15 lb shock-mounted base that gives it stability and minimizes shock-induced noise from wood floors or from handling. It has many potential applications in houses of worship, live theater, or broadcast applications where a permanently-mounted hanging microphone isn't practical and inconspicuous appearance is required.

The attached gooseneck has a dual-flexpipe for precise, secure aiming of the compatible Discreet Acoustics microphone capsule. The gooseneck module fits all DAM Series capsules, CK31, CK32, CK33, CK47 and CK80, via highly reliable contacts (all capsules sold separately).

A 10-foot cable that is wired into and runs the length of the non-height-adjustable segment of this floor stand/module is terminated in a 3-pin XLR-type connector for easy connection to the audio system. Built into the output connector are user-adjustable jumpers that allow a bass roll-off below 200 Hz and disengaging a red LED ring that normally illuminates when phantom power is connected.


  • Wired gooseneck microphone module / stand segment (XLR on bottom end, special connector on top end for use with DAM Series microphone capsules)
  • Height-adjustable stand segment
  • Thread adapter for joining gooseneck to adjustable height segment
  • 15 lb stand base