Anchor Audio LIB-8000 Liberty Platinum Speaker with Built-In Bluetooth

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  • The Anchor Audio LIB-8000 Liberty Platinum Speaker is a portable sound system designed to provide crystal clear voice amplification, and is also suitable for listening to music. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that operate for 6 to 8 hours on a full charge, and there is a battery charging LED bar indicator on the back. It also comes with 2 universal microphone jack inputs.

    The LIB-8000 Speaker features the standard built-in Bluetooth module v3.0 that increases the functionality, flexibility, and utility of the speaker unit. Given its simple operation, this Bluetooth module allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the LIB-8000 Speaker with long range and a strong connection. The LIB-8000 Speaker can be used both indoors and outdoors in schools, corporate events, sports, places of worship, and more.

    True AC/DC, 100 to 240V power supply
    117 dB of clear sound
    Reaches crowds of over 1500 people
    125W AC mode / 100W DC mode
    2 universal microphone input jacks
    Bass and treble controls
    5V USB port for charging MP3 Player/iPod
    Selectable channels
    3.5mm input for iPod
    Recessed back panel protection for knobs and ports
    Ceramic compression driver and 10" woofer
    Proprietary Class D amplifier
    User replaceable batteries
    Charging LED bar indicator
    Operates 6 to 8 hours on a single charge
    Speaker out to power companion speaker (not included)
    Standard Bluetooth v3.0 built in
    Class 1 radio
    Line-of-sight range of 100'
    High speed wireless data rate of up to 3 Mb/s
    Digital & analog stereo input & output