Audio Technica AEW-4240aC Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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The Audio Technica AEW-4240aC Wireless Handheld Microphone System is frequency agile, true-diversity and includes the AEW-R4100 receiver and AEW-T4100a handheld transmitter.

The AEW-R4100 receiver features frequency-adjustable UHF reception, allowing access of up to 996 user selectable channels. Diversity reception allows two independent receivers to relay on a single frequency for the strongest possible reception. The rear panel features both unbalanced 1/4" Phone and balanced XLR outputs. A comprehensive back-lit LCD display reveals channel and frequency settings, signal status, and transmitter battery status. The 4000 series enhanced features include IntelliScan which automatically sets best available frequencies on all linked receivers, and Dual Compander circuitry which processes high and low frequency signals separately resulting in superior audio quality.

The AEW-T4100 handheld transmitter features a cardioid polar pattern, minimizing pickup at the off-axis sections of the capsule. This minimizes noise and provides higher gain before feedback. The transmitter features a rugged, ergonomic metal design able to withstand rigorous road use. Additional features include IntelliScan automated frequency detection, On/Off/Mute switch and backlit LCD display. The transmitter operates for up to 8 hours on two AA alkaline batteries.


  • 996 selectable UHF channels per band and True Diversity reception for interference-resistant operation
  • IntelliScan feature automatically finds and sets best available frequencies on all linked receivers
    Advanced digital Tone Lock squelch effectively blocks stray RF; the digitally encoded tone also communicates transmitter data for receiver display
    Dual Compander circuitry processes high and low frequencies separately for unmatched audio quality
    Link and coordinate multiple receiver channels
    High-visibility white-on-blue LCD information display
    Metal half-rack receiver chassis with mounting hardware
    All transmitters offer rugged, ergonomic metal bodies, programmable features, soft-touch controls, and 10mW/35mW switchable RF power
    Backlit LCD displays on transmitters
    Locking battery door on UniPak body-pack transmitter
    All components store up to five preset configurations, with customized "names" if desired

    Item# ATNAEW4240C