Audio-Technica ATH-COM1 Supra-Aural Open-Back Monophone Headset with Dynamic Boom Microphone

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The ATH-COM1 is a single sided monophone with a flexible microphone boom which is particularly suited for hand free voice-activated computer and multimedia applications. The sound quality is excellent, and the over-the-ear headphone provides comfort by way of a cushioned ear pad.

The cable for the ATH-COM1 has two 1/8" mono mini-plugs, one for input, the other for the microphone output. Two 1/4" TS phono adapters are provided. The microphone is a dynamic design.

Monophone/dynamic-microphone headset combination
Ideal for hands-free voice-activated computer and multimedia applications
Excellent sound quality for monitoring and speaking
Flexible microphone boom, cushioned ear pads and overall lightness provide added convenience and comfort