Califone 1216BKBT Bluetooth Jackbox Stereo with Volume Control, 6 Positions

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If you want to stream audio from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or PC to facilitate differentiated learning, literacy, ELL or Special Needs instruction, Califone's new 1216BKBT Bluetooth Jackbox is ideal. The 1216BKBT is a simple, cost-effective solution that supports up to six students - or more if necessary with its daisy chaining capability. Plus it's easy to operate - simply scan for devices, look for Califone 1216BT and pair to your device.
  • Offers individualized volume control for each listeners preference
  • Ideal for an individual or a small group to work on computers, tablets, and even smartphones
  • Can utilize up to 6 headphones at one time with 3.5mm plugs
  • Six 3.5mm Jacks
  • One Jack Box
  • One Adapter

Item# CLF1216BKBT