Califone WT1 Wireless Tablet Interface

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Califone  WT1 Wireless Tablet Interface

Expand your flexibility and creativity during computer-based presentations with this Wireless Tablet Interface. Connecting a computer to a projector is an effective way of integrating technology into interactive classroom learning through enhanced multimedia or online content. This Tablet Interface enables wireless operation up to 50 away from the computer when its USB Receiver is connected. The lightweight Interface is quickly and easily installed & calibrated with a Windows-only operating system enabling you to be soon move about the classroom remotely controlling the computer s desktop and presentation-related functions. The Wireless Tablet Interface is also ideal for classrooms containing multiple independent learning-based groups. There are 18 available channels so that another tablet can be assigned to its own unique identity preventing any interference within a 100 radius. Keys on the left side of the tablet enable it to be used as a mouse on a PC by touching the Pen to the tablet surface. Left side buttons control: Desktop; Up / Down / Left / Right / OK arrows; Mouse Left / Right keys; Page Up / Down keys; Alt + Tab; Clear / Close / Esc keys; Red pen / Screen Mode. Right side software functions include: Show / Hide whiteboard; Red pen to draw on whiteboard / desktop; Blue pen to draw on whiteboard / desktop; Multi-color pen; Eraser; Magnify; Focus and resize the window; Blank screen; Hide upper and lower parts of the screen; Clock/Timer; Record whiteboard session; Snapshot of the current screen; Dialog box to adjust settings. Includes Pen USB receiver & 3 USB cord.

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