VocoPro UDH-8-Ultra Eight Channel UHF System with Handheld Mics, Bodypack with Headsets & Lav Mics

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The 900 MHz UDH-8-Ultra Eight Channel UHF System from VocoPro includes an eight-channel receiver, eight handheld microphones, eight bodypack transmitters, eight headset microphones, eight lavalier mics, and eight instrument cables. It can be used to mix and match handheld microphones with headsets, lavalier mics, or instruments for schools, churches, rehearsals, and any other sound reinforcement application.

The UDH-8-Ultra allows you to put up a total of eight singers or instruments simultaneously on fixed wireless channels. It is a reliable all-in-one system that can go from a choir performance to a band gig without missing a beat. Free yourself from wires on stage for public speakers and performers alike.

Eight-channel receiver allows users to mix and match between handheld microphones and bodypacks using lavalier mics or headsets.
New Mic-on-Chip wireless technology for clean and stable audio across the 200' range.
Operates in the 900 MHz band away from TV broadcast interference.
Plug and play design requires no microphone set-up.