Eiki 8080 Classroom CD Player

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The Eiki 8080 is a listening center with: 7W Stereo Sound System for group listening, and  5 Stereo Headphone Jacks for private listening.

Its robust design includes:

  • CD Player
  • USB Drive Player/Recorder
  • Cassette Tape Recorder/Player
  • CD Player: plays both music CDs and MP3 or WMA files from CD-R or CR-RW disks; 
  • USB Drive Player/Recorder: plays MP3 & WMA files, and records MP3 files from music CDs and Cassette tapes;
  • Cassette Tape Recorder/Player: plays audio cassettes, and records to tape audio played on the CD or USB player.

Usability features include: Playback pitch control from -50% to +100%. (CD/USB) Repeat, Program and Random Playback functions. (CD/USB)  Microphone input for mixing or sound amplification (PA). Auxiliary input for mixing or sound amplification.


Item# BEL8080