Galaxy TV5i Traveler Series Portable 40 Watt RMS PA System

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The new TV5i is one of the latest models in the Traveler Series by Galaxy Audio. The Traveler Series is a line of powered speakers with built in batteries. All models in the Traveler Series can be run from either AC or the built in battery.


Most Traveler Series products are configurable to include built in CD/media players, UHF wireless microphones, Bluetooth receiver, or Audio Link Transmitter. Each item is built to order. Travelers are designed to be portable and used in a wide array of applications, like classrooms, churches, meeting rooms, graveside, auctions, among many others.


The TV5i has a built in 40 watt power amplifier with a 5" woofer and 1" tweeter and two band EQ. The TV5i features a convenient built in Bluetooth receiver. This offers a convenient way to connect an MP3 player, wirelessly, to the TV5i for music playback. The TV5i, like other models in the Traveler Series, can be configured with up to two UHF wireless receivers. Each UHF receiver has two different handheld mics and two body pack transmitters to choose from. There is also an optional MP3 player available which can play MP3s from USB or SD card.


The TV5i has built in XLR/¼" combo jack with volume control, 1/8" input and output, and 4 bar battery level indicator. The built in Voice Priority, when activated, will lower the volume of the music when it receives a signal from a wireless or handheld microphone. This is convenient as you will not need to adjustment the volume of your music when needing to make announcements.


The TV5i is constructed from durable plastic and can be on a table top, or set on an optional tripod stand. The TV5i has a built in handle for easy transport. The TV5i weighs about 8lbs. An optional carrying bag is available.

TV5i Specifications

Sensitivity: 88 dB, 1 Watt @ 1 M
                                      Maximum SPL: 104 dB
                                      Frequency Response: 70 Hz ~ 16 kHz (audio)
                                      Speakers: 5" Woofer, 1" Tweeter
                                      Receiver Module: AS-TVREC x 2 Diversity (optional)
                                      Output Power: 40 W (RMS) @ 4ohm
                                      Signal to Noise Ratio: Up 70 dB
                                      Optional Media Player: AS-DIGIMP5 (optional)
                                      Audio Input: 1/4"/XLR Combo-Mic. In, 1/8"-Aux In
                                      Audio Output: 1/8"-Aux Out
                                      Controls:                                       Master, Tone, Aux In, Mic
                                      Wireless Range: 150' (50 meters)
                                      Power Supply: 20VDC 3.25A
                                      Battery: 12V, 2.9Ah (Lead-Acid) Rechargeable Battery
                                      Running Time: 4 ~ 5 Hours
                                      Charging Time: 3 ~ 4 Hours
                                      Dimensions: 7.9" x 6.7" x 10.9" (200 x 170 x 276 mm)
                                      Weight:                                       8.15lbs (3.7 kg)