Nady WA-120BT LT/O Portable VHF Wireless PA & Lavalier System with Bluetooth

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The WA-120BT LT/O Portable VHF Wireless PA & Lav System with Bluetooth from Nady features a 20W audio output PA with built-in echo/reverb effect, a bodypack wireless transmitter and lavalier microphone, a Bluetooth receiver, MP3 player, and a mixer with a high-band VHF wireless receiver. It operates on a single frequency (A: 171.905 MHz) and can be used for lectures, meetings, in schools or other small venue applications.

The full-range PA mixer has two 1/4" unbalanced input jacks (1 Mic, 1 Aux) and one unbalanced 1/4" Record Out jack with treble and bass controls. The single-channel wireless bodypack system has noise-reduction circuitry for quiet operation and is powered by a 9V battery. The PA is powered externally with the provided universal AC adapter. The system also runs on eight D-cell alkaline or the RB-120 rechargeable batteries.