Tascam CD200iL Professional CD Player

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 Tascam's CD-200iL offers built-in 30-pin and Lightning Docking Station for Audio Output, Transport Control, and Charging from all iPhones and iPods.

The CD-200iL is built with a retractable iPod dock on the front of the player. You can attach iPods or iPhones with the 30-pin dock or Lightning connector. With this new dual connector dock, the CD-200iL is compatible with any iPod or iPhone device making it ideal for users with varying iOS Devices.

NOTE: Built-in 30-pin and Lightning Dock cannot be used at the same time.

To help improve audio quality, the lower-grade digital to analog converters of the iOS device in-use are bypassed by the digital connection of the CD-200iL. It is also possible to vary playback speeds when in use with a compatible iOS app.

NOTE: TEAC does not provide a playback application. Please acquire an application for playback from the App Store. Regarding application specifications, contact the application developer.

The CD-200iL is designed with a stereo mini AUX IN connector on the front panel to allow compatibility with other non-Apple audio devices. All models in the CD-200 series have CD drives designed for audio by TEAC. By undertaking development ourselves and including our drives in the player, we have achieved even higher reliability.

The CD-200iL is capable of playing a variety of audio files, not just audio CDs. TASCAM is constantly devoted to making products of quality, versatility and innovation and guaranteeing use in varying situations. The 10-seconds shockproof memory prevents skipping from vibration and other disruptions. If a vibration lasts less than 10 seconds, data stored in the player's memory can be played back without skipping, preventing undesired interference.

Tascam CD-200iL Features:

  • Built-in 30-pin and Lightning dock connector for   audio output, transport control, and charging  
  • iPod control is capable through the transport; album   skip, repeat switch, and playback mode switch  
  • High Quality CD drive designed for audio by TEAC  
  • 10-second shockproof memory prevents skipping from   vibrations and other causes  
  • CD drive supports playback of CD-DA and data CD   (WAV/MP3/MP2)  
  • Supports CD text and ID3 tags allowing text   information such as artist name and album names  
  • Three playback modes (continuous, shuffle and program   )  
  • Repeat playback(single, all)  
  • Folder playback function that allows limiting to only   specified folders (data CDs)  
  • Possible to skip playback folders (data CDs)  
  • Folder repeat playback (data CD)  
  • Switch between display of track elapsed time, track   and disc remaining time (audio CDs)  
  • +/-14% pitch control function (audio CDs and data   CDs) *When pitch control playback is used for data CDs (WAV/MP3), the sound   may be cut.  
  • Intro check function can be used to play the first 10   seconds of songs in order  
  • RCA analog outputs and COAXIAL/OPTICAL digital   outputs (S/PDIF)  
  • Stereo mini jack input on the front panel for   connecting other portable audio devices  
  • 2U EIA rack-mount size  
  • Wireless remote control with 10-key included  
  • Headphone output  
  • RoHS certified

Tascam CD-200iL Specifications:

  • Playback media:  CD, CD-ROM, CD-R,   CD-RW(12cm/8cm)  
  • Playback format:  
    • CD-DA: Stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit 
    • WAV: Stereo, 8k / 16k / 32k / 11.025k / 22.05k  / 44.1k / 12k / 24k / 48kHz, 8/16bit 
    • MP2: Stereo, 32k / 44.1k / 48kHz, 32kbps -  384kbps 
    • MP3: Stereo, 32k / 44.1k / 48kHz, 32kbps - 320kbps, VBR
  • Analog audio input:  
    • Connector: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini jack 
    • Input impedance: 22k ohms 
    • Nominal input level: -20dBV 
    • Maximum input level: -4dBV
  • Analog audio output    
      • Connector: RCA pin-jack
      • Output impedance: 200ohms
      • Nominal output level: -10dBV(0.32Vms)
      • Maximum output level: +6dBV(2.0Vms)
  • Digital audio output:  
    • COAXIAL   
      • Connector: RCA pin-jack
      • Output impedance: 75ohm
      • Format: IEC60958-3(S/PDIF)
    • OPTICAL   
      • Connector: TOS(JEITA RC-5720C)
      • Format: IEC60958-3(S/PDIF)
  • PHONES    
    • Connector: 6.3mm(1/4") stereo phone jack 
    • Maximum output level: 20mW + 20mW or more(THD+N 0.1% or less, into  32ohms loaded)
  • Power:  
    • AC120V, 60Hz (U.S.A./Canada) 
    • AC230V, 50Hz (U.K./Europe) 
    • AC240V, 50Hz (Australia)
  • Power consumption:  15W  
  • Dimensions:  481(W) x 94.5(H) x 298(D)mm  
  • Weight:  5.2kg (11.5 lb)  
  • Operating temperature:  5°C - 35°C  
  • Inclination of installation:  5° or less  
  • Backup Memory Items:  Elapse time / Title   display setting (CD), Playback mode (CD), Program (when loaded), Current   folder (when CD loaded), Current source, Repeat playback function setting   (ON/OFF), Pitch control (ON/OFF, CD) Pitch control value (CD)  
  • Standard accessories:  Wireless remote   controller(RC-CD200iL), AA battery x2, Rack mounting screw, Warranty card,   Owner's manual  
  • Audio performance:  
    • Frequency response:  20Hz-20kHz,  +/-1dB(playback, JEITA) 
    • Distortion:  0.01% or less (during playback,  JEITA) 
    • S/N ratio:  90dB or more(playback, JEITA) 
    • Dynamic range:  90dB or more(playback, JEITA) 
    • Channel separation:  90dB or more(playback, JEITA)

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