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Teac CD-RW890 CD Recorder 

The Teac CDRW890 CD Recorder is a CD player and recorder that allows you to record onto Digital Audio CD-R or CD-RW discs from master discs. This recorder is user-friendly and includes digital and analog inputs on the rear panel, so you can connect units like a CD player or cassette deck to the recorder.

Manual adjustment of the recording level is available for your recording and either manually or automatically separate the source audio material into individual tracks. If choosing the manual track sequence, you can pick the sequence of music you want to record.

This quality CD recorder also functions as a programmable CD player, letting you play back music titles and tracks in shuffle mode or by pre-programming a sequence of your choice. The repeat option can be used either for playing back the entire disc or just one section of the disc in a loop.

The headphone jack on the front panel and IR remote lets you easily operate the unit for both recording and playback.

Digital Audio CD-R and CD-RW recording and playback capabilities                     
Program, shuffle play and repeat playback options                       
Front-oriented headphone jack with level control and IR remote for convenience                    
FL display with level meter                       
Center-mounted drive mechanism 

Dimensions: 17.125"W x 4.125"H x 11.25"D.