VocoPro K-Cast Portable Battery-Powered PA and Projector with Screen

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The K-Cast from VocoPro is a portable, battery powered, all-in-one PA with a built-in LED video projector. It is designed for special events ranging from parties to presentations. Connect an HD video source to the HDMI input or use a flash drive via the USB Type-A port. With an LED lamp that offers 3000 lumens of brightness, the K-Cast projects video onto the included 70" screen.

Play music from a variety of sources, including HDMI, USB flash drive, or smartphones and laptops (via the 1/8” input). With 120W of power through the 12” speaker and 5” compression tweeter, full-range audio is ensured. The two included wireless microphones can be used for DJs, announcers, and singers. Even connect an instrument, such as a guitar, bass, or keyboard, using the 1/4” input.

The built-in rechargeable battery offers up to four hours of operating time. If the K-Cast is being used for a lengthy special event, connect the included power supply to recharge the battery and keep the event going. The built-in mixer, with controls for volume, tone, and echo, allows the desired blend of elements to be made. Control video and audio functions from a distance with the included wireless remote.

The K-Cast can be mounted on a speaker stand, for convenience in larger areas. When it's time to pack up, the K-Cast’s built-in casters and retractable luggage handle ensure easy transport.

  • Built-in LED video projector with multi-format video decoder
  • Supports HD video
  • 70” portable screen
  • Built-in rechargeable battery offers up to four hours of operating time
  • 120W of power through 12” speaker and 5” compression tweeter
  • Built-in casters, carrying handle, and retractable luggage handle
  • Can be mounted on a speaker stand
  • Input video via HDMI or USB flash drive
  • Input stereo audio via HDMI, USB flash drive, or 1/8” jack
  • Input mono audio via 1/4” jack or two wireless microphones (included)
  • 1/8” jack can function as a line output for connection to a mixer or recording device
  • Built-in mixer
  • Controls for microphone volume, tone, and echo
  • Volume controls for guitar, music, and master
  • LED indicators for power, charge, and remote status
  • Wireless remote control